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We specialise in remote support which offers at least two major advantages to our service offerings. Firstly, in the current economic climate, rates associated with remote support are preferential, and secondly, our turnaround for support is at its all time fastest. We are also the IT company with a personality. We have an open-door policy, and if you are wondering when is a good time to call us – anytime is  a good time for us. We will work when it suits you, to save you and your  business from any unnecessary interruptions. 



Our Commitment to you, above what we have already stated, is that we will be available to support any product or system implemented by us. All warranty issues, should there be any, of hardware purchased through us, will be honoured and dealt with.



Our aim is to focus on the needs of small businesses and home users who need an IT professional to solve their problems the first time, to listen to what their problems actually are and develop a solution that will work for them according to their parameters.  We aim to offer affordable solutions that benefit your needs
and exceed your expectations. While we focus on the smaller businesses and home users, we do have solutions for medium to large sized businesses, such as IT Infrastructure design and implementation, optimizing servers and building networks.



To be the leader in customer centric comprehensive solutions provider for small to medium sized businesses in the technological industry.



To be available, committed and affordable to our customers, while remaining competitive in all areas relating to technology and support. To offer innovative solutions and be at the forefront of SME technology innovation.




Who are We

Seth Godin once wrote ‘Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers’. At Syranet ICTX, our very core is built on this foundation. We pride ourselves on focusing on our customers; what they need, when they need it and on what they can afford. We do not believe in offering you a solution that is too expensive, that is not of the best quality for your rand or has a limited lifespan. When you partner with Syranet ICTX, you can rest assured that your IT problems will always be dealt with in a friendly, easy to understand and efficient manner.


We have partnered with key industry leaders for either their products or their skills. This means that a small business or home user can now afford the quality of products and services that larger enterprises enjoy on a much smaller and cost effective scale. This also means that you have one point of
contact, us. We deal with all the technical issues and requests while you get the best possible solution to support you while you
focus on the important areas of your business and home life.


We have used our involvement in small businesses to identify key needs that have yet to be addressed with a holistic solution. We have a development team working on new ways to solve these challenges. While we are currently testing our solutions in live demos at various environments, you are more than welcome to contact us to discuss the developments on these exciting projects. The foreseeable future is going to be a phenomenal one for small businesses.

Time Sensitivity

We know that time means money, and that is why we do not have set times that you can contact us or come see us, or us come see you. When it is convenient for you, we will accommodate you. The majority of remote maintenance is completed after hours to prevent any down time to your daily activities. Installations and onsite support can be arranged for convenient times as well. We strive to ensure business continuity to all our customers as far as possible. settings.

Customer Focused

Our very core and foundation was developed around our customers. Whatever a customer’s needs or concerns are, we  address them quickly and efficiently. We are available to all our clients, and we respond to your needs as quickly as possible. We have a fast turn-around time, and strive to build a solid working relationship from the beginning, for many years to come.




Our vast experience in the technology industry has been gained since 2000, with a hands-on approach to industry challenges at various entry level and executive level positions, from developing creative solutions, to large scale project implementation and customer support.

Anti-virus protection and monitoring

Secure POPI compliant Back Ups

Hardware sales 
(Computers, laptops, peripherals)

Desktop support – for both computers and servers

Remote assistance

Monthly maintenance contracts

Internet connectivity (Fibre, 
microwave & VoIP)

Hosting solutions for Office 365 and email

Printers and consumables

Software support

IT Infrastructure design & implementation

Preventative maintenance

Insurance matters

High End On-line Gaming (Sales, support and maintenance)



Among his peers, he is well versed on the latest trends and
industry challenges, remaining at the forefront of expertise and knowledge on new threats and technological pitfalls, as well as developments and business changing systems and processes.

Often being called in to consult and propose best practices and solutions, his innovative approach to large scale projects ultimately results in success for all the parties concerned.
Commencing his career in the early 2000’s, years of valuable experience has been gained and achieved throughout his climb up the corporate ladder. In 2016 – Xander Briedenhann started his own company and consulting corporation, and achieved a 300% year on year growth during the 2018-2019 financial year. His success can be attributed to his unique customized service offerings, which can be briefly summarized as taking the experience and systems used to offer major market players competitive advantage and optimal systems efficiencies and making these solutions available to small and medium sized businesses in any industry, affordable and customized to each unique business environment.

Strategic partnerships with key influencers, suppliers and service providers have given Xander Briedenhann a limitless scope of offerings. A key driver of his success is his constant reinforcement of customer service, being available to all customers and leading his technical teams to greater success by constantly empowering and developing all the individuals he is associated with. 

Career highlights to be noted to date can be summarized, but not limited to:
▪ A complete re-design and implementation of the IT
infrastructure for the CTI/MGI group, which comprised of
multiple VM servers and Windows solutions, across thirteen (13) campuses nationally, including the head office based in Johannesburg.
▪ The seamless integration of the CTI/MGI infrastructure with the Pearson International infrastructure.
▪ The first educational institute roll-out of the E-books and tablet learning interfaces successfully (CTI/MGI).
▪ Re-writing the Advanced Linux manual for the CTI  Education Group.
▪ A comprehensive and successful Microsoft AZURE
implementation for ITEC South Africa.
▪ Network and infrastructure re-design, implementation and remote management maintenance for the ITEC group South Africa.
▪ Hyundai Southern Africa’s Single Network roll out and
implementation across all dealerships countrywide.
▪ Design and implementation of ‘Trade-Shield’ (now known as ‘I-shield’)
▪ Numerous Office 365 migrations.
▪ Re-design and implementation of server infrastructure for a well-known and prominent logistics company operating in Pomona, Johannesburg.
▪ Eighty-eight (88) site roll out currently underway for a major medical healthcare clinic, nationally, including networks, infrastructure and user interfaces



Well versed in the current latest industry trends and threats, Jaco is an approachable, customer-oriented team player. Throughout his working experience, he has not succumbed to any challenge set before him – and this is predominantly because of his outlook on facing challenges, which is that each challenge is an opportunity for learning, testing oneself, and pushing the boundaries of experience.

Jaco has taken senior lead on infrastructure installation projects of medical facilities with a national footprint, engaging with both end-users and suppliers, ensuring a seamless integration from outdated set-ups to industry leading infrastructure. Taking responsibility for new client contracts from initiation to maintenance has become cornerstone of Jaco’s reputation with customers and industry role-players alike.

Jaco has a keen interest in self-development and ensures that he is on-point with the industry’s latest news and developments.

Personal Skills
▪ Interpersonal Skills
▪ Communication Skills
▪ Self-Motivated
▪ Organizational skills
▪ Strong Work Ethic
▪ Analytical &Problem-Solving Skills

Technical Skills
▪ Systems Support Technician
▪ IT Network Technician
▪ Computer Hardware Technician
▪ IT Customer Support Liaison
▪ Information Security Engineer
▪ IT Security Analyst


▪ MSC Business College -2017
FET Certificate: Information Technology (Technical Support)
▪ MSC Business College -2018
FET Certificate: Information Technology (Systems

Commencing his career as a Junior Network Administrator and
advancing to Senior Systems Engineer roles for multi-national
organisations has made James’ experience invaluable to our

James has expert level knowledge and experience with Linux
based systems, and in-depth understanding of the Microsoft
product offerings, he leads all Microsoft 365 migration projects with little effort and achieves success easily.
James is a founding partner of the SERVER42 all-in-one business server’s development and deployment to market – using his deep product knowledge to customise business set-ups to suit each environment.

As we continue to encounter new and different company set ups, structures, and requirements he remains at the forefront of the industry, ensuring infrastructure, support and service offerings are well suited to these unique challenges. He is well-read and has a keen interest in all things gaming.

▪ Completed the IT Engineering (ITE) course with Honours, as
well as achieving top results (January 2010 to June 2010) for
the A+ Preparation, Network+ Preparation, Linux Basic, Linux
Administration, and Wireless Networks & Security modules.

Work Experience
CTI Education Group
▪ Junior Network Administrator
▪ ITE Courseware Developer
▪ Network Administrator
▪ Title Senior Network Administrator

Pearson Education South Africa
▪ End User Services Engineer

RS Components
▪ IT Local Support Engineer
▪ IT Lead Support Engineer

Jared is an all-round team player with a passion for customer service.

Since leaving school, with a keen interest in the technology industry, Jared has completed several certificates and competencies, including ITIL and AGILE, while gaining industry experience over his career in various facets of the industry. Jared is customer focused and strives to deliver only the best service and product quality to all our customers. Jared has been involved in many projects surrounding the compilation, testing and training of various industry leading software programs, the fundamentals of which have been re-designed to suit individual customer needs. This attention to detail is what gives Jared the competitive edge when it comes to sourcing technology-based products to suit our ever-evolving customer needs and requests.

Jared is a firm believer in upskilling oneself to remain at the forefront of your passions and leads by example in this regard. A positive contributor to the ICTX team morale and support structure, not only in the rendering of his skills to our customer requirements, but also to the individual needs of the team in ensuring their functions are executed professionally, but also as a whole, being the backbone and go-to guy when something needs to happen, especially when the requests are time sensitive.

Jared is a professional in all senses of the word, and no request is too big or too much effort.


There is no challenge, problem or environment that we had to succumb to. We are a dynamic team and with you being our partner in success, we believe that we will happily work together for many years to come.

Xander Briedenhann
Operations & Technical Manager
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General Manager
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